Western High School opened its doors on September 7, 1961. Like several schools during that era, it was built to accommodate the growth of the baby boom generation and to alleviate overcrowding in nearby schools like Butler and PRP.   

Western initially opened as a 3-year junior high school with 848 students in grades 7 – 9.  Each year thereafter one grade was added until 1964 when the 12th grade was added, making it the first graduating class of 1965.  There were no clubs or organizations – everything was new. “Those of us who were in the 8th and 9th grades truly feel like we built the school together” according to 1965 graduate Sue-Sue (Wren) Hartstern.

Enrollment peaked in the 70’s with as many as 1300 students in attendance. Western has undergone several reincarnations over the years, becoming a Math and Science and Technology Magnet (MST) school during the years and most recently as Western Early College.  Current enrollment is approximately 800.

School Colors

60’s - Colors were originally Green and White

70’s Gold was added as an accent color

1997 - The gold was removed and the color black was added


Football, Basketball, Track and Field, Baseball, Cross Country, Tennis

Cheerleading, Dance Team.

School Name and Mascot

The school name was chosen by the student body.  Principal John Brown was from Michigan State University and the warrior uniform was designed from their mascot.  The “warrior” image associated with Western has also had many faces over the years.