About Us

Launched in June of 2016, the WHSAA was formed to help bring alumni and
community awareness back to an institution that has been a centerpiece in the south
end of Louisville since1965. WHSAA is aligned with the school mission that all
students will leave Western college-ready, career-experienced, goal-driven, and
reality certain.

Since our inception we have incorporated, obtained tax exemption status, created a
mission statement, developed a largely followed Facebook page, and launched a
website.  To date we have over 200 members and growing. 

Our goal is to continue expanding membership by enhancing alumni
awareness, creating events and fund raisers which will undergird educational, athletic
and scholarship opportunities for current and future WHS students while promoting the
rich heritage of WHS.

If you are a former student, faculty member or employee of WHS, we invite you to
come and be a part all that is happening through WHSAA.